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Michael Naef - News

Michael Naef - News

Diver Outline
May. 2011

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Training Week in the Red Sea

Finaly I spent again ten days in Dahab at the gulf of Aqaba. Eleven months since my last visit and 9 months after my last deep dives in the cold and dark lake Z├╝risee I was really looking forward to dive in the warm and vivid blue again.

I planed to participate at the FDD Minicomp to do a bit of competition training but mostly I wanted feel the clear blue and see the corals, the fish- and fish-like friends again. Unfortunately it turned out I had to return to Switzerland early and wasn't able to compete on both competition days.

The Blue Hole seen from Aqua Marina

The Temperatures were just perfect: Warm but not to hot and so I felt comfortable right from the day I arrived. Being in Dahab alone, I quickly found company with Betrand Rohrbock, Frank de Jong and Marc Lenoir and many other freedivers from all around Europe to train with. But I also enjoyed it very much to spend time alone, reading books and doing nothing but my very own living.

The training went well and despite my bad preparation I was back at my depths quickly. Marc Lenoir and Jure Daic are early morning divers but in return we had the Blue Hole for us alone and set our buoy right in front of the arch to catch a glimpse of it every day. It still is haunting to see the majestic blue hall opening before the eyes. I felt very comfortable during my dives and was able to add a few metres day by day. I enjoyed the time in the water training, exploring the underwater life, doing lots of "photo missions" for Jure, Marc, Christian, Sahika, all the other freedivers and safetying Marc's Torpedo dive through the arch. But sadly the end of the holiday drew near fast.

Jure Daic, Free Immersion Marc Lenoir torpedo safetying Jure The 'Sinai' fish The French-Swiss Team: Christian Maldame, Marc Lenoir, Michael Naef

In the days before the comp more and more athletes were arriving. We had a good group with the french-suisse team of Marc, Christan Maldame and me. Also Sergio and Olga (Germany) joined in. But the last day in dahab and my only day of competition came quickly. I announced 70 metres constant weight because it seemed to me to be good number and I know I can do it without pushing my limits. The dive went perfect and I got a smiling white card for a happy dive.

Michael Naef disapearing into the blue

It was again pure joy to freedive the corals of the Blue Hole with such a good company! See you again for Tripple Depth!

Pictures: Frank de Jong, Michael Naef

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